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one of a kind
the first eco-friendly synthetic leather

one of a kind
the first eco-friendly synthetic leather
what is recos
We have developed the first ecological synthetic leather, one of a kind.
Between 40% and 60% recycled material.

The components of the RECOS line consist of a 95% recycled textile support (40-60% of the final product), which can be coated with a corn-based biopolymer.

This eco-friendly collection, without precedent in the market, can be customized according to the needs of each project and is in the process of GRS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification.

The name of this new ecological synthetic leather represents the origins and evolution of a new creative phase for Simil Cuero Plymouth, a socially and environmentally responsible company that carries out recycling, ecological and sustainable practices in all production processes.

RECOS’ color palette (Chocolate, Zapote, Tamarindo and Miel) allows applications in the footwear, leather goods and fashion industries with an added value: caring for the environment.

For more than 55 years we have dedicated ourselves to researching and designing sustainable processes for the development of quality textile, vinyl and polyurethane materials. Learn more about Simil Leather Plymouth by visiting our website.

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